Diary of

I got a new job today after years of unemployment and you should have seen the look on my mom’s face…

She was so excited for me that she even let me borrow her car – the same car she had swore to never give me –

I resumed the next day and I became famous already due to my British accent in an African community.

I decided to flow with it and use it to my advantage… lo and behold.. I made some new friends.

Within a month, I was immensely favored,moved into a duplex and I was even nicknamed rich.

“Collins” I heard my mom shout ruining my perfect life.. I woke up and discovered that it was all a dream..

I was still stuck in an apartment with my mom and she didn’t even care or wasn’t even proud of me… it was another day of rain of insults..

Well… This is the story of most youths and graduates all around in the country but it doesn’t have to stay that way..

Something can always be done… There are a lot of online jobs to venture into.

Seee.. while it’s okay to dream, it’s not okay to complain and stay stuck. Dream and work at your dream! Look for ways.. legal ways to make money and get out of that house!


I got up and saw a little boy, a little girl..

I was to watch them a little

To take them on a short journey to the park….

And all of a sudden I bumped into my ex…

old feelings came rushing up and I felt hatred like never before

I was overcome with the sudden urge to disgrace her or worse still stab her….

I guess I was really hurt…. she ruined my relationship with my best friend of 3 years afterall by playing us both.

A late awakening

A late chill,an early alarm

A bitter sweet dream,forgetful

A naught driver,an abusive boy

A little Christian in faith all but missed it

A late reckoning,a late wake-up call

All for something so trivial

Gave up the joy of the morning

But for a little while